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Tarot is a TOOL

for gaining clarity and insights

to help make empowered life choices

and avoid repeating stuck patterns.

DISCOVER how Tarot can help YOU

live your BEST life

Tarot has fascinated me for over 20 years.

I have seen  -- and experienced myself -- how a Tarot reading can unlock insights, reveal patterns and expand possibilities. 

It is easy in life to get stuck in patterns of relationship or feel like our choices are limited.

We are each the hero of our own stories, but sometimes we can't see beyond the pages of our own experiences.

Tarot helps us SEE the pieces from a different perspective, and helps us envision viable options.

Tarot's MAGIC lies in the ability of art to change how we see what is happening in our own lives.

Tarot is an invaluable TOOL for gaining insight into a situation and empowering us to make informed choices.

My aim is to DE-MYSTIFY Tarot and make it ACCESSIBLE for EVERYONE.


FREE Tarot Reading Lesson

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